We are a creative consultancy and a career progression initiative

We aim to address the ethnic diversity imbalance in the creative industry, starting with the creative advertising subsector. We support emerging and mid to senior talent. As well as supporting businesses to make their enviroments more inclusive for ethnically diverse talent. We take a three fold approach in order tackle the issue of inclusion and diversity on ethnicity from all sides. We provide:


We showcase emerging and senior roles and role models via intergenerational and interdisciplinary panels, speakers at events, judging panels and content.


Inclusion starts from within a company's working culture. We work with leadership teams, Employee Relationship/Resource Groups (ERGs) to empower them to create inclusive working environments.


We showcase, share and create opportunities for ethnic diverse creatives and connect talent to companies from a wide range of creative disciplines.

Statistics for the creative landscape

BAME representation in the creative workforce and senior positions (creative agencies)


BAME representation in entire creative industry workforce


BAME representation in senior positions including Chair/MD/CEO/CD

Without diversity our creative industries cannot truly be creative or innovative. We aim to change this narrative with our services and programs

“For many millennials of colour that are entering the industry, simply seeing people in powerful positions in the industry that look like them can inspire them so much and has to be championed more.”

Samuel Mensah, Youth Collective

See it, be it

The lack of BAME role models within the creative industry is by far our biggest complaint among 18-30 years olds. However there are many BAME creatives at all levels who just need to be seen. We can ensure that the right role models are placed in the right places so they can been seen by those who need to see them.


We insert senior leaders and creatives on to speaking and judging panels so emerging talent can see their role models.


We are highly collobrative, working with grass roots organisations, other D&I intiativies, FE institutions and creative platforms.


Moving away from just solely speaking about diversity and focus on the work the BAME community can produce.


We are well connected with both the creative and ethnically diverse communites, This gives us real insight into working and supporting these indivduals.


We educate on the various sub sectors within the creative sphere as well as the various roles within them.


Our events showcase brands and subjects to our communities. 70% of the attendees are from a ethnically diverse background.

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