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About us

Our mission

Our mission is to address the ethnic diversity imbalance in the creative industry, starting with the creative advertising subsector. We create and increase opportunities for individuals from ethnic backgrounds by educating on career entry into the industry and supporting current BAME individuals in the industry with career progression.


Change from the top

WeAreStripes operates using its three main pillars:

1. Visibility
The lack of role models from various parts of the creative industry is by far our biggest complaint among 18-30 years olds. However there are many BAME creatives at all levels who just need to be seen.

We showcase these role models via intergenerational and interdisciplinary panel speakers, at events, university career fairs, judging panels, content such as videos and articles, distributed to the right places, to the right people.

Senior partners of agencies and brands say they are unaware of where to go to connect with BAME talent on every level.

We connect the organisations who work with BAME talent with senior partners for both training and support.

Graduates and school leavers with the right skills are often unaware of the roles available to them, or the steps/path needed in order to enter the industry.

Via content and events give a breakdown of the various sub sectors within the industry for example, TV, film, advertising, branding, music, social media etc. Also highlight what roles via educational content to show what careers are available and how they can prepare for them.


Build from the bottom

2. Mentoring
The same lack of role models then translates into the lack of BAME mentors to offer inspiration as well as guidance to overcome standard challenges within the workplace. Mentoring has been proven to be extremely effective at all career levels.

Whilst supporting BAME graduates with entry into the industries; by adding mentoring enables help with soft-skills, upskilling, confidence, resilience, connection building, professional skills etc., all needed to start and progress.

We offer mentoring for entry level as well as connections to mid to executive level talent with coaching and leadership training. This enables them to progress to the next level in their careers.

80% of our mentors are from a ethnic diverse background covering all creative sectors and we match our mentors to mentee by hand.

Whether you would like to be become a mentor or are interested in being a mentee, please contact us.


Support along the way

3. Community
Our community and links with the BAME community are key. And collaboration is the way forward. Access to, and our core understanding of the the ethnic community gives us key insights, access to a large network and amplifies our reach and efforts. We work with organisations to support the mission and signpost companies to the organisations they need to connect depending on their need.

We also bring to the forefront those organisations who can assist with organisational culture change, in order to create environments in which talent can strive. So they can make changes at executive level which filter to the rest of the company.

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